A slew of Appointments but no Judges.

Senator Mitch McConnell worked out a deal with  Senator Charles Schumer to get over 60 nominations approved on the last day of the 115th Congress.  A voice vote was used.  This from Senator McConnell,  “I’m glad the president will have more of his rightful team in place, and I’m glad that this group of newly confirmed nominees will be able to get to work on important business for the American people,” McConnell said shortly before the slate of nominees was confirmed.

Missing was any Lifetime judicial appointments.    A partial list e  77 nominees by voice vote, among them 23 ambassadorsight U.S. marshals, a member of the Federal Maritime Commission, and two members of the Federal Communications Commission.   Also being confirmed were 8 US District Attorneys eight U.S. marshals, a member of the Federal Maritime Commission, and two members of the Federal Communications Commission.



So This from Roll Call.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the announcement that the Senate will convene for a pro forma session at 11:50 a.m. Thursday, but there will be no real business until after noon arrives, when the new Congress begins, as outlined in the Constitution.

So where were the judicial appointments we were promised by the end of the year?  To allow Senators to go home before the end of the year was a serious mistake.  Sure the appointments will come in the new year, but they could have been sitting on the bench making important decisions.

Senator McConnell just made his job much harder.  This from The Hill.  Democrats vowed late last month that they would not sign off on including them after similar packages in 2018 earned harsh blowback from the party’s progressive base.

TRENDING NEWS:  So how has Trump done VS Obama the first two years?

In closing, we now wait and see what cat and mouse game the Democrats will play.  Surely Senator Schumer will do everything in his power to stop or slow down the process.  What say you?








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