Alt Left Attack on Susan Collins. Susan Collins reveals critics’ personal attacks over Kavanaugh vote

When they look back at the top stories of 2018, one of the top stories would be the Kavanaugh confirmation.  In that mess was the attack on Senator Collins, her family, and staff.  Showing up at her Senate office and both of her homes,  the Alt Left showed up in full force.  What was done was unheard of.  The last time anything like this happening was the Justice Thomas hearings.


This from Senator Collins.  “There have been protests at my residence for six weeks in a row, protests at my residence right here in Washington, loss of life threats, threats of sexual assault towards me and my employees,” Collins instructed Fox News’ Martha MacCallum in an unique interview that aired Thursday night on “The Story.” “However, what I will by no means perceive is why anybody would assume that I’d be intimidated by these ways and that they might achieve success in changing me or inflicting me to vote towards Choose Kavanaugh.”  Three cheers for Senator Collins.


In my opinion the most scary part had to be the Racin scare.  This from FOX.

A hazardous materials team was called to the Bangor, Maine home of Sen. Susan Collins Monday after a threatening letter containing what its author said was the poison ricin was delivered there.  Collins spokesperson Annie Clark said on Twitter that Collins’ husband, Tom Daffron, the couple’s dog and parts of the home were quarantined while the letter was analyzed. Clark added that the home was cleared and the couple “will be able to remain at home tonight.”

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In closing I have to wonder if Senator Collins will lose her election when and if she runs again.  The threats against her and her family were something out of Antifa’s playbook.  For those who don’t know, Antifa is the military wing of the alt left.  So Senator Collins was the deciding vote and because of that we have Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.





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