Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Michelle Malkin. Why don’t they run for political office?

Ann, Laura, and Michelle.  Next Senator, or Congresswoman, two of them judges, and even President or Vice President.  Why or why not?  All three are very  knowledgeable, educated, and yes attractive.  Looks matter.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  They dish it out and yes they can take it.  Strong willed, opinionated, and factual.  Quick with an answer and won’t dodge the tough questions.  Quick look at each.

Ann Coulter-  57 years old.  Law degree from the University of Michigan. Helped found the Cornell Review.  Worked in the public and private sector.  Conservative author and commentator.

Laura Ingraham- 55 years old.  Law degree from the University of Virginia.   Also Worked in the public and private sector.  Conservative author and commentator.

Michelle Maulkin- 48 years old.  Bachelors degree in English from Oberlin College.  Business owner, Author, Writer, and News Commentator.

All three would be highly qualified.  Now both Coulter and Ingraham considered it.  Maulkin no.  But why wouldn’t they?  They talk the talk, so why not walk the walk.  My best guess?  Not about power for them.  Look at how many politicians are millionaires, multi millionaires, and in Trumps case?  A billionaire.  So they’re not in it for the money.  But power.  Just think.  For the rest of their lives they will have a title after they leave office.

Ann, Laura, and Michelle have power.  Power to shape the conversation and make big money doing it.  All three make millions doing what they do.  So why put that on hold?  Why follow rules when they get paid to explain the rules.  Point out the rule breakers.  Give us the good and bad.  Now all three would be labeled as extremists by many in the media.  And they would receive no special favors.  So who knows we may someday see one of them run.  If they do, we will see a contest like no other.

TRENDING NEWS:  Clinton Foundation Donations Dropped by $36 Mil After Loss to Trump

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