Can the children do what adults failed at? Keep the auto plant open?

Back in November, GM announced that they were closing not one, two,  or three plants, but four plants.  Including the one in Lordstown, Ohio.  Between 1,500 and 1,600 jobs were being eliminated.  This plant already had eliminated over 3,000 jobs before President Trump came into office.  No one saw this coming.  Sure sales were down over from the year before, but as in the past, price of oil goes down the sale of small cars go dow.  Oil prices go up?  Small car sales do likewise.


For some reason GM decided not to wait.  So while profits were good, the economy good, and no signs of a downturn, GM acted.  Total number of layoffs is somewhere around 15,000 for all four plants..  Three plants in the United states and one in Ontario, Canada.  So here is how one area reacted to this bad economic news.


Thousands of hand written letters and drawings have been sent from 20 different school districts that surround the Ohio plant.  Here’s a sampling of what the children wrote.   Along with a comment from one of the teachers, who’s students participated.

“I personally have many (illnesses) and if the Lordstown closes, I will not be capable of afford my medication,” fifth-grader Brian Davis wrote in one of many letters to Barra.

One other youngster wrote, “All my family and friends are right here, that is our residence.”

And second-grader Jake Shevetz wrote: “I do not need to transfer. My mother says in the event that they get one thing new, we can’t have to maneuver.”

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Teacher Cindy Zebosky stated 20 of her fourth-graders at Austintown Intermediate Faculty close to Youngstown wrote heartfelt letters.

“I hope that Mary Barra does at the very least acknowledge the letters or learn them and see what college students need to say,” Zebosky instructed the Free Press. “It impacts our entire space.”

In closing, GM  stated that they would read the letters from the children and would respond.  No one knows if this will have any type of effect on the decision.  General Motors has offered job transfers but the transfers are anywhere from 100-700 mile away.





Thousands of Ohio schoolkids plead with GM CEO Mary Barra to keep Chevy Cruze plant open

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