Clinton Foundation Donations Dropped by $36 Mil After Loss to Trump

Donations to the Clinton Foundation, a huge charity run by Bill and Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, plunged by almost 60 percent in the year after Hillary Clinton’s election loss in 2016, according to new reports, bringing new attention to the question of what exactly donors were expecting from their money.

Speculation has raged for years that a pay-to-play scandal was at work with the Clinton Foundation. This latest revelation about the dropoff in donations certainly will not do anything to quash those suspicions.

Back in January, The Hill reported that the FBI had opened an investigation into the foundation based on such allegations. The heart of the investigation was focused on the time period when former first lady Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state.

Even commentators in liberal publications knew that development looked bad. As Tufts University political science professor Jeffrey Berry wrote in the left-leaning Pacific Standard, his own research had shown most foundations to be scandal-free, but not the Clinton Foundation, “which has repeatedly stirred controversy over its unusual fundraising practices.”

As Berry pointed out, the foundation had more than 200,000 donors since beginning in 1997, but the real money was coming from a relatively small pool.

“Despite its vast donor base … much of its funding comes from major donors, including other foundations, wealthy individuals, and, of course, foreign governments,” Berry wrote.

“The foundation’s own records show that it has received seven gifts of more than $25 million and another 19 worth $10 to $25 million.”

This brings us to the latest financial information about the foundation.

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In federal tax filings obtained by the New York Post, it is clear that the Clinton Foundation has suddenly seen a massive nosedive in contributions.

The Clinton Foundation is almost all washed up!

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