Do we see another Martin Luther? Cardinal upset with Pope?

Please do not use this as an excuse to attack a denomination or any religious cleric.

I’ve reprinted  the majority of the article from two different sources.  Nothing has been taken out of context.

Edward Pentin.  From the National Catholic Register.

“Cardinal Gerhard Müller has issued a forthright “manifesto of faith,” calling primarily on Church leaders to fulfil their obligation to lead people to salvation in the face of “growing confusion” about Church doctrine.  In a four-page public testimony (see below) released in multiple languages Feb. 8, and whose title is taken from the Gospel of John “Let not your heart be troubled!”, the prefect emeritus of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reasserts many key teachings of the faith, reminding clergy and laity it is up to “shepherds” to “guide those entrusted to them on the path of salvation.”

“Today, many Christians are no longer even aware of the basic teachings of the Faith,” the German cardinal laments, “so there is a growing danger of missing the path to eternal life.”  Written in response to requests from “many bishops, priests, religious and lay people,” the cardinal’s testimony comes as the Church awaits the Feb. 21-24 Vatican summit on clergy sexual abuse, and following statements and documents from the Pope down that many practicing faithful have, at times, found confusing, disorienting and inconsistent with the Church’s teaching.

Cardinal Müller recalls that the “very purpose” of the Church is to lead humanity to Jesus Christ and underlines the importance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as a “safe standard for the doctrine of the faith” that was written to counter a “dictatorship of relativism.”  He then proceeds to quote copiously from the Catechism, interspersing passages with uncompromising commentary on what he sees as a crisis of confusion and disorientation in the Church.

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The German cardinal urges the faithful to “resist” with “clear resolve” a “relapse into ancient heresies,” which view Jesus Christ as “only a good person, brother and friend, prophet and moralist.”  He stresses that the Church, founded by Christ as a “visible sign and instrument of salvation,” does not “reflect herself but the light of Christ which shines on her face.”

She is “not a man-made association whose structure its members voted into being at their will. It is of divine origin,” he explains.  He underlines how the mediation of faith is “inextricably bound up with the human credibility of its messengers, who in some cases have abandoned the people entrusted to them, unsettling them and severely damaging their faith.”

He cites holy Scripture, warning against those “who do not listen to the truth and who follow their own wishes, who flatter their ears because they cannot endure sound doctrine.”   Cardinal Müller, who served as CDF prefect under Benedict XVI and Pope Francis from 2012 to 2017, goes on to reassert that if Holy Communion is received unworthily — such as by some divorced and civilly remarried persons or those not in full communion with the Church — they will not be brought to salvation.

“A German Catholic cardinal who was ousted from a high doctrinal position by Pope Francis said in a “manifesto of faith” that the church has become too focused on mercy instead of traditional doctrine.

Gerhard Cardinal Mueller didn’t refer to Francis by name, but took jabs at his willingness to allow remarried Catholics to receive Communion, and asserted women cannot be ordained priests. The pope commissioned a study on female deacons. Francis sacked Mueller as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2017.

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Mueller’s manifesto was released late Friday, but carries the date of Feb. 10 — the eve of the sixth anniversary of Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI’s historic announcement that he would resign. Many conservative Catholics are nostalgic for the doctrinal clarity Benedict’s reign”.

I think we have both sides of the story here.  What say you?





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