Does Wall Street and Corporate America have anything to fear from the Democrat controlled House? You Betcha.

One of the first things that came to mind yesterday after Pelosi’s election was this.  Is there going to be an attempt to go after Wall Street and Corporate America?  Many on the right and those companies who support the tax cuts and what’s happened to the economy since November 2016 say YES.

Now Rep. John Sarbanes has a bill designated as HR1.  The For the People Act.  In a nutshell. The bill is a “once-in-a-generation reform package that will end the dominance of big money in our politics, ensure that public servants actually serve the public and make it easier, not harder, to vote,” Sarbanes said in a statement. “Once we clean up Washington and get special interests out of the way, we can get to work on a whole host of important issues that Americans care about.”

Now are those special interest groups the Unions and the large Liberal groups?  George Soros comes to mind.  Or is this a way to go after the Banks and Corporations.  This from CNBC, The new legislation would require large digital platforms to create a database of requests to buy political ads worth more than $500. They would also have to implement measures to prevent foreign nationals from directly or indirectly purchasing ads. The proposals are drawn from a bill sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, among others, that put Facebook, Twitter and Google in the cross hairs.  When you start at $500.00 do you realize how large this data base would be?


In closing I have to say that these next three paragraphs show to me that this is not trying to bring transparency to the people.  Its a move to handcuff business and get President Trump’s Taxes.

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The wide-ranging proposal also takes a swipe at President Donald Trump’s refusal to release his personal tax returns. The bill would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to disclose 10 years worth of filings.

House Democrats have said they plan to force Trump to turn over his tax records once they are in power, though they have not set a timeline for that request and it’s unclear whether they could be made public. On Thursday, Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden re-introduced a bill that would mandate Trump release his three most recent years of returns to the Office of Government Ethics.

“This legislation is the one-two punch needed to keep the Trump administration from stonewalling congressional oversight efforts, and ensure public transparency if Trump’s tax returns get tied up in court,” Wyden said in a statement.

What say you?





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