EPIC FAIL: Live MSNBC Report Reveals Caravan Is Mostly Adult Males

If we know one thing about the migrant caravan from the media, it’s that it’s comprised almost exclusively of women and children. Any report about the situation must include the words “women and children” in at least 45 percent of sentences, almost as if its an FCC rule held over from the Obama administration.

Oh, yes, and they’re seeking asylum. Did we mention that? Women and children seeking asylum. Asylum-seeking women and children. Children seeking asylum and women seeking asylum and lots and lots of children and more children and women and their children. Back to you, Clarissa.

This is great drama, almost like something out of “Network” if Howard Beale were being played by Rachel “You’re Awake, By the Way” Maddow. (Someone get her a taupe raincoat, please.)

Unfortunately, as “Network” should have taught all of us, reality is a funny thing and it doesn’t necessarily conform to what the networks want. They can usually manage this all pretty well, unless someone inadvertently tells the truth.

That can happen anywhere — even on MSNBC, where reporter Gadi Schwartz was live from the caravan tent city in Tijuana, Mexico and revealed that the demographics of the caravan were, um, slightly different than women and children and women and children and also women.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle decried the fact that President Donald Trump was saying that “it’s not women and children, it’s stone-cold criminals.” (This is a gross mischaracterization of his quote, but it’s MSNBC, so there’s not much surprise there.)

“You’re in that tent camp,” Ruhle said to Schwartz. “What is the profile of who is there mostly, and what are they looking for?” She went on to say that those who charged the border on Sunday may have “thought it was their only chance.”

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nd then reality sets in. They can keep on saying women and children and women and children as many times as they want, but that doesn’t wallpaper over the facts.

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