Follow Up. Is the Harris record as AG catching up to her as she looks to 2020?

This is a follow up to my piece yesterday.

The same person some call a rising star in Democrat politics is also looked upon with suspicion by both Conservatives and Progressives.  As you already know, Kamala Harris used Martin Luther King day as a day to announce her running for the office of President.  She stated that she picked the day because both of her parents were involved in the Civil Rights Movement.  The same day she made her announcement, controversy followed.

I found this the other day in the SFGate.  In 2004, Harris was caught in controversy when she refused to seek the death penalty in the slaying of on-duty San Francisco police Officer Isaac Espinoza. More recently, questions surfaced over how much the candidate knew about a scandal in the Police Department’s drug lab.  Whether the drug lab scandal or other controversial incidents during her tenure as San Francisco’s chief prosecutor will come up, remains to be seen.

Harris, who created review panels for potential death penalty cases after the Espinoza fallout, said that as attorney general, she put the law over her philosophical opposition to the death penalty. She noted that her position is the same as “four of the last nine” attorneys general, including  Jerry Brown.

FOX reported this.

Harris was asked by one reporter about criticism from some Democrats for her role backing the California Department of Corrections in denying gender reassignment surgery to inmates. Harris argued decisions in that case were made by other people in her office who “do the work on a daily basis.”  “And do I wish that sometimes they would have personally consulted me before they wrote the things that they wrote?” Harris said. “Yes, I do.”  But, she added, “the buck stops with me. And I take full responsibility for what my office did.”

TRENDING NEWS:  Barack Obama and John Brennan may be facing indictments

In closing, there are a lot of questions.  If she answers them, time will only tell. What say you?






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