Just when you think you have heard it all, CNN comes out with some more lies, topping their previous records. Ronald Reagan was appalled by the fantastic lies that the liberal media told on a daily basis. Now, CNN has Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, lie about how he actually felt about the lying liberal media. Did she even know her father?

On Don Lemons show, as usual, he went on a tired tirade about how terrible Trump is. He started off by talking about how Jimmy Carter things Trump’s presidency is a “disaster.” That’s funny how CNN takes a failed presidents word for it. Anyone who bashes Trump is fine in their eyes.

President Trump spearheaded the charge against CNN, calling them “fake news.” He has plenty of reason to label the failing network as fake news.

During his first major news conference as president-elect, Donald Trump co-opted a phrase used against him, “fake news,” and slammed an entire news organization in the process.

Another great example is when Trump criticized a CNN report about the now-infamous dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. CNN’s report, Trump said during the briefing, alleged that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen had met with Russians in Prague during the campaign, but in fact, he had never left the country.


“Sir, since you’re attacking us, can you give us a question?” Jim Acosta said, but Trump ignored him and called on another reporter. Acosta continued to interrupt and Trump attempted to take questions from someone else. Jim Acosta and Don Lemon are cut from the same cloth.

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It is due to examples of these that CNN’s ratings are plummeting. They spend 90% of their time, bashing Trump. They fail to show, whats left of their viewers, that Trump is doing a great job. He has truly made America great again.

Black unemployment is at an all-time low, and the national debt is still high, but doing better than when Obama was leading the pack. But, you will never hear “never Trump,” CNN says that. There is too much money in telling lies.

I sure hope that Patti Davis can sleep at night, knowing she told that lie about her father. Ronald Reagan hated the lying liberal media. During his presidency, they told some whoppers!

It would seem that CNN has the ability to make any liberal, lie! It is how they make their money. It’s sad when you have to base your whole business on lies, isn’t it?

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