Hypocrisy: CNN Refuses To Condemn Pundit’s Anti-Semitism

The Double-standard of CNN is painfully obvious when it comes to racist comments. However, their commentator, Marc Lamont Hill went all in when he made a crazy speech to the UN, this week.

I have always noticed that this CNN commentator usually has some racist comment about everything. However, his racism is usually directed toward white people. He never has anything good to say about white people as a whole. That should raise red flags whenever he speaks.

It is insane that a perfect example of this trend could be found on CNN. Marc Lamont Hill, allegedly “one of the leading intellectual voices in the country,” according to the network, already boasted a long history of using anti-Semitic rhetoric, not only defending terrorists abroad but praising Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan here at home.

On Wednesday, Hill gave a speech in front of the United Nations, advocating for violence against the Jewish State and dropping the well-known eliminationist phrase, “from the river to the sea,” a favorite of Hamas and other Islamic terror groups, to the applause of representatives from theocrats and tyrannies around the world.

Who knows why he was there giving a speech in the first place? What does this guy have to say that is at all important?

Moreover, Hill isn’t the only racist on CNN. Just a few weeks ago, Don Lemon said that White men are terrorists. Noone apologized for that one either. Don Lemon is known for his racial attacks on white people. Yet, CNN still allows him to have a primetime show.

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CNN has been a joke for years, but they really got bad during the 2016 presidential election. Their ratings are falling and they don’t know why.

Probably because the majority of Americans do not like the racial slurs that emanates from the network.

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