I wanted to introduce myself to The Sentry Bugle readers. Call me MC


I’ve edited this, so that more folks who post here know where I came from and Who I am.   Since I’ve come here a month ago I’ve noticed a good back and forth with all the posters here.  We have a combination of Gateway, Breitbart, The Hill, Disqus house channels and some from Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you haven’t noticed I’m Conservative and Republican.  No big shock there.  But I like to think that I have an open mind and willing to listen   even if I disagree with you.  I hope that you not only read the articles but also comment.   So please show your support and be a part of this growing channel.


My articles will mostly be original writings by me.  I’ll post sources when I’ve used quotes or something that may be relevant to the article.  So come on over and enjoy what I and James have written.  For those who have been here for a while?  I hope you continue to comment.  My friends from the other channels?  Welcome

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