Is France what The United States has to look forward to?

Written By MC

Look at the unrest in France today.  What’s causing this?  Why are people so upset?  I thought Socialism was the cure-all.  Well here’s the dirty little secret.  You want something for nothing, someone has to pay.  And that someone is John Q. Public.  You.  Why are people so upset with paying more in taxes?  Let me tell you a little short story.  It goes like this.

Europe learned a long time ago that taxing corporations just leads to corporations passing those taxes on.  Remember corporations hire workers.  US A  Socialists seem to forget that.  Now people wanted health care for free, government pensions, and the list never ends.  That costs money.  If we were to bring that type of Socialism what’s the cost?  Remember that the United States has a population of 330 million people.

These riots started as a fuel tax protest.  Now it’s about minimum wage and new elections.  Does it ever end?  Also, this started out as rural protestors, but now you have a mixture of students and city folk.  All wanting something to be of benefit to them.

Now can you see this happening in the United States?  Of course.  As the Democrats are leaning more and more to the left, why wouldn’t we see this?  People are people.  Now the French protests have 72% support.  But 85% are against the rioting.  But that hasn’t stopped the violence.

If politicians coming into power keep on offering something for nothing, something has to give.  Taxes continue to rise and prices continue to rise?  The protests will start and the violence will grow.  Nothing is ever free.  We all end up paying one way or another.

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