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Just think what this is doing to Liberals and Progressives.  Ginsburg’s health troubles have worried liberals already smarting at the composition of the Court, where conservatives gained a majority after President Trump appointed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. If she is forced to step down, her replacement will be Trump’s third appointment to the court. However, she has weathered colon cancer and pancreatic cancer in the past and said last summer that she aims to serve “at least five more years” on the court.

Gateway Pundit reported this yesterday.

85-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was absent from her bench at the Supreme Court for the second day in a row Tuesday.

Chief Justice Roberts said on Tuesday, that Ginsburg is “unable to be present” but will participate from home by using transcripts and court briefs



So we saw last week that Justice Ginsburg voted from the Hospital.  A vote that along with Roberts gave the illegals a victory.  One has to wonder, what’s left in her tank?  Broken Ribs, several bouts with cancer, what is next?  I ask myself why is she still in the hospital?  After she had fallen in November, two malignant growths from her lungs, which were discovered.  Going back, this is her third bout with cancer.  Colon and Pancreatic in the past.


If not released soon, will this be her last battle?  Or is it the end of the political war for her.  Let’s be serious, she’s the darling of the MSM and Progressives.  She can do no wrong in their eyes.  If she came out and said she would vote no against every ruling before the court that involved Trump, no one on the left would see anything wrong with that.

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This from CNBC.  Despite her health issues, Ginsburg, the oldest justice on the Supreme Court, has never missed arguments before the court. The court next meets on Jan. 7.  There is no information about when Ginsburg will be released from the hospital, but the court said she is “expected to remain in the hospital for a few days.”  Now her health is a major concern to both sides.  The left wants her to wait out Trump.  Be it one or two terms.  The right wants her gone now.

Here’s what Justice Ginsburg said back in July.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested she plans to stay in the bench at least until she is 90 years old. “I’m now 85,” Ginsburg said. “My senior colleague, Justice John Paul Stevens, he stepped down when he was 90, so think I have about at least five more years.”  Five more years of Progressive votes.

In closing, again Justice Ginsburg.  “My dear spouse would say that the true symbol of the United States is not the bald eagle — it is the pendulum,” Ginsburg said, citing her late husband Marty Ginsburg. “And when it goes very far in one direction you can count on its swinging back.”










Ruth Bader Ginsburg Misses SECOND DAY in a Row at Supreme Court




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