Is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on the road to Recovery?

We know what a fight there was on the last Supreme Court Appointee.  Rumor has it that this may have some of the same type of fireworks.  Another SOTOUS appointment?  No.  “California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris are vowing to fight President Trump’s picks to fill three vacancies on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, saying the White House dismissed their objections”.

Since when does a President need their approval in his selection for the court vacancies?  Here’s a joint statement from the two California Senators.  “Unfortunately, the White House is moving forward with three nominees to a circuit court who have no judicial experience,” Feinstein and Harris said in a joint statement. “The White House’s decision to push these nominees fails to secure consensus on the circuit court.”

Also committee chairman Graham weighed in.  “I’m very supportive of the nominees submitted by President Trump to serve on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. These are highly qualified nominees and I am hopeful they will receive wide bipartisan support,” the South Carolina Republican said in a Thursday statement. “These nominations continue a trend by the Trump Administration of selecting highly qualified men and women to serve on the federal bench.”  Good for him.  It’s the President who picks the nominees.  Harris and Feinstein don’t like it, they vote no.  End of discussion.

We have this from Sarah D. Wire of the LA Times.  “The 9th Circuit, which covers California and eight other western states, has handed Trump some of his biggest legal losses, and conservatives itching to change its makeup have been surprised that Trump has left the California vacancies open for two years amid his push to fill empty judgeships across the country with young, conservative nominees”.

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In closing, it’s about time these openings were filled.  They have been open for the past several years.  Let’s move on.  What say you?




Sens. Feinstein and Harris Gripe over Trump’s 9th Circuit Nominees


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