It’s the New Year and the world hasn’t ended. We’re in the third week.

So I was finishing up all my to do list since the world was coming to an end.  Yes haven’t you heard?  it’s all going to end because President Trump shut down a part of the government.  400-800,000 folks laid off or working without pay.  Folks calling off work at the TSA because they’re working and not getting paid.  And I read somewhere that a person would go homeless because they got laid off.

Both sides are blaming each other.  The House is going to start sending bills to the Senate.  The Senate said don’t bother cause we are not going to vote on them.  There were weekend talks, but it seems as if nothing was accomplished.  And now the concrete wall will become a steel barrier.  President now is looking at declaring a national emergency.

Acting chief  Mick Mulvaney, in an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union,” accused Democrats of being there to “stall.” Democrats familiar with the meeting said the White House position was “untenable.”  So who’s right?  Who’s wrong? The fact is that everyone will be paid, and it will go back to the same old same old.

I say declare the state of emergency and let the courts settle it.  The President has the authority, heck even the Democrats know they do.  I found this yesterday.

Democrat Congressman Adam Smith, the chairman of the House Armed Service Committee, has explained that President Donald Trump does in fact have the authority to use the US military to build a border wall.

In closing,  I’m sure the Democrats have a Federal judge on speed dial to declare the Presidents action illegal if he does declare a state of emergency.  But this all could have been avoided if only the House gives the President his five billion and be done with it.

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Democrat Chairman of the House Armed Service Committee Admits Trump Has Authority to Have Military Build Border Wall



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