My Two Cents. Drunk with power. Newsom unveils a $209-billion budget

Well it didn’t take long for Governor Newsom to go hog wild with the peoples money.  A whooping 209 billion dollar budget.  Brown had increased it to 201 billion.  So now Newsom is adding another 8 billion.  Here’s the problem with that.  California is 1.3 trillion in debt.  So how can you increase this budget knowing you owe 1.3 trillion?  And that was up to 2015.

Now part of his reasoning was that they have a estimated additional 21.6 billion in revenue.  But how soon the folks forget the 2008-09 recession that caused Depression era type unemployment.  Cities had 30% unemployment.  A few even hit 40.  But I guess some folks just don’t listen.  At least they will thank President Trump for the past two years.  Yeah right.

Now look at the governor’s list of who attended and his comment to them.  Newsom presented his plan in a free-wheeling event more akin to a political rally or TED talk than a formal budget introduction, using a slide presentation at the nearly two-hour event to make critiques and observations. The governor invited not only journalists but statewide elected officials, as well as leaders of powerful labor unions that supported his candidacy. Guests applauded as he vowed to expand services to help California’s neediest.  “I know it’s rote and cliche to say it’s a reflection of our values, but it is a reflection of our values,” Newsom said of his budget. “It is demonstrable that these dollars attach to real people and real people’s lives.”


Hey I’m not against California having such a good two years running.  But why wouldn’t you pay your bills?  And creating new programs and the huge increases? Again what happens if you have a recession?  And no tax rebates to the citizens and corporations?  I’m just not getting it.

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In  closing odds are that the Republicans won’t be able to do much unless some of the moderates join them.  Let’s see how this plays out.







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