My Two Cents. It’s the end of the World. No just the Democrats taking control of the House today.

I heard a song by R. E. M. the other day.  It’s the end of the world as we know it.  And some Republicans in the House will most likely agree.  But they have no one  to blame but themselves.  The open fighting and constant criticism of President Trump did not help.  41 Republicans retiring did not help.  And those dozen or so Republicans who ran without Trump support and lost?  How’s that working out?

Now the vote today will be a formality.  Sure Nancy will allow a few to vote against her and the MSM will point out their bravery and show how the Democrats are not afraid to criticize.  But does anyone really think that Pelosi hasn’t met with them and set the stage on how it will play out?


Now give her credit.  She is a survivor.  My congressman ( Tim Ryan of Ohio ) has twice said he has put her feet to the fire.  First with a challenge for her leadership, and secondly with the famous letter.  Another song?  Box Tops  in 1967 The Letter.  Some little known facts from Politico.   The past seven speakers of the House have lost their majority, been forced out by their own colleagues, or stepped down amid personal scandal. One of them — Nancy Pelosi — now has a second chance to rewrite her legacy.

On Thursday, the 78-year-old Pelosi will be the first person in more than six decades, since the legendary Texas Democrat Sam Rayburn, to return to the speaker’s chair after losing it. She will be surrounded by children as she does so, a replay of an iconic moment from her January 2007 swearing-in ceremony as the first female speaker in history.

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I did leave out that she also like Sam Rayburn the oldest.  But Democrats don’t look at age when it’s one of theirs.  But a Democrat party chairman once said.  “To the victor belongs the spoils.”  Don Hanni.

In closing,  I want to leave you with this from Politico.   There’s vast disagreement about how far left the party should lean on issues ranging from health care to climate change, not to mention the question of whether to impeach the president. And this clash — amid a broader battle over the future of the party — will take center stage in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s caucus this year. How Democrats ultimately decide to wield their power will help determine whether they can take out Trump in 2020 — and hold onto their majority.

Even within the party’s left flank, there’s conflict over how quickly to move on progressive legislative priorities like “Medicare for all.” The leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus said in recent interviews that they’re focused more on growing support in the caucus for a single-payer health care proposal rather than forcing their colleagues to vote on it right away.


What say you?



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