MY Two Cents. It’s the South, They’re Democrats, and the KKK is in their Blood.

Another Virginian is found guilt of being a black face.  Yes not only did the Governor portray himself as a black man, but now we see the AG Mark Herring also played that masked black man.   Where does it end?  How many more will come clean?  This may just be the tip of the Ice Berg.  And it won’t just be politicians. Fashion, Celebrities. etc.  To name just a few.   This from Breitbart writer  Joshua Caplin.

“Herring issued a statement saying he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 to look like a black rapper during a party as a 19 -year-old undergraduate at the University of Virginia.  The revelation further roils the top levels of Virginia government. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) are already facing controversies, and Herring would be next in line to be governor after those two men.  Herring said he and two friends dressed up to look like rappers they listened to, including Kurtis Blow”.

Now I’m sure we have other politicians watching this.  And don’t be surprised if they’re not Southerners and not Politicians.  Read below for explanation.

America, why is anyone surprised about what’s going on in Virginia?  They grew up with this.  It’s a part of their moral make up.  When you thought KKK and Democrats, you thought Peanut Butter and Jelly on white bread.  Oh sure you have those who try to claim that it’s a different time different party, but it’s not.  The same hateful feelings towards blacks are still alive and well.

TRENDING NEWS:  Watch: Student Wins After Unhinged Teacher Targets Him over MAGA Hat

And it’s not just the South.  We still see it along both coasts.  It’s just more subtle.  I do agree it’s more geared toward Black and Brown Conservatives.  And you even see it perpetrated by Liberal and Progressive Blacks towards Black Conservatives.  The Oreo’s, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Jemima, are the few racist slurs used by both white and black Liberal/Progressives.

White Progressives/Liberals are famous for their Racism disguised as feel good towards blacks.  Examples?  Blacks can’t vote in states if you have voter ID’s.  Blacks are herded in the inner cities.  Blacks need Union representation where they work.  Many a large city will have majority or almost majority population by Minorities.  But have white Democrat leadership.  Why is that?  It’s as if a black person cannot live where they want, vote the way they want, or elect their own candidates.  What say you?




A PARTY OF RACISTS: Virginia Democrat AG Who Called for Gov Northam to Step Down Over Blackface Pics — Admits to Wearing Blackface



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