My Two Cents. So what do the Polls say and are they an indication of Trump’s Popularity?

So the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll shows President Trump at a 44% Approval rating.  And this means what?  Five Thirty Eight shows a total of all polls at 41.4%.  Again what does that really mean?  If you’re like me it means that Trump doesn’t have far to go before he has the 2020 election in the bag.  Let’s review.

Max Greenwood ran a piece in The Hill yesterday claiming that Trump’s popularity has dropped two percentage points.  But if you read the article you will notice that the big worry is the hammering Trumps getting because of the roller coaster stock market and the phony fears of a recession.  Read what Mark Penn had to say.  Who’s Mark Penn?

“The stability of the president’s approval rating suggests that the controversies surrounding his actions are overblown,” said Harvard CAPS/Harris poll co-director Mark Penn.

“His biggest concern is not Syria or the shutdown, but a declining stock market,” Penn added. “Experts talking up a recession as around the corner caused Trump’s approval of the economy to fall to just 51 percent. Those who believe the economy is strong declined sharply to 62 percent, back to where it was when Trump started. Trump is correct when he says higher interest rates are the biggest pitfall he faces now.”

Now Trumps support on the economy is still there.  And to many including his base, this is the most important.  Trump gets his highest marks for his work stimulating job growth, with 56 percent of respondents saying they approve of his efforts. Slightly fewer voters give Trump high marks for his stewardship of the economy, at 52 percent.

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Now when you look at the Five Thirty Eight numbers you see Trump anywhere from  38% to 50% during the month of December.  Democrats will look at the 39% and Republicans the 50%.

In closing I think that it’s still too early to take all of this seriously.  But writers like myself will follow this to see if there’s a trend or just more to do about nothing.



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