My two cents. So why did you pick a Loser?

I don’t know if you saw her but the Democrats picked one who is the new rising star in their party.   Forget that she lost her last election.  With the Democrats, losers are the new winners.  Move over Beto.  You had your chance. Yes the former State representative is now in the big leagues.  She was picked to give the Democrat response to the President.  Guess what?  She wasn’t factual.  I know you’re in disbelief.

Here’s what the RNC said about her in the rebuttal of hers.

“With extreme policies and an anti-free market agenda, Stacey Abrams was rejected by her home state of Georgia last November. Tonight, Abrams’ speech for a national audience replayed the same broken ideas that capsized her failed campaign. While President Trump outlined a unifying agenda to advance America’s progress, Democrats are still living in the past, mourning Abrams’ loss,” RNC spokesperson Ellie Hockenbury said in a statement.

Real quick here are her main points.

“Let’s be clear: voter suppression is real. From [1] making it harder to register and stay on the rolls, [2] to moving and closing polling places, [3] to rejecting lawful ballots, we can no longer ignore these threats to democracy,” Abrams asserted.

What she leaves out is that Georgia had bi partisan support in the closing of the polling places.  And guess what?  Polling places were also closed in Republican districts.  Nationwide polling places have been closed because of population shifts and the removal from schools and churches for security concerns.

In closing, Abrams like Hillary can’t get over the fact that she lost.  So I guess she will now take that rising star of hers nationwide.  Oh boy I can’t wait.  What say you?

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