New Democrat house scares small business.

$15.00 an hour.  Come and get it.  Coming to a company near you?  So who cares if you have an eight grade education.  Who cares if you thought that your 2.0 grade average was good enough to get you a job with a Fortune 500 company.  Working at McDonalds and your lifetime goal is to provide a living for your family making burgers?  That and more is what may be in the future.

I just saw this in The Hill.  he Democrats have taken control of the House for the first time in eight years. Small business owners across the nation watch with concern, as their legislative agenda threatens the best economic climate in decades. Take one of the top priorities of House Democrats, which is mandating a national $15 minimum wage. Speaker Nancy Pelosi last year vowed to pass this in the first 100 hours of the new Congress. A $15 minimum wage would dramatically increase labor costs for many small businesses and threaten to swamp the tiny profit margins on which most of them run.

Many small businesses operate on very small margin.  Usually less than 10%.  And there was a time when many of those businesses would employ mostly part timers and students.  But in states like California and New York you’re seeing mostly immigrants.  In many cases they don’t speak English.  States in the Midwest still have a large number of students working to put them selves through college.

For one reason or another you see a large number of adults taking these jobs now.  And they want paid for it.  Not the going rate but in many cases u to $5-$8.00 an hour more.  What skills do they bring to the table?   Very little.  They never bothered for one reason or other tried to better themselves.

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In closing, the new house leadership has also decided to go after the tax cuts to Corporations.  Here’s one of them.  A major facet of the legislation was a 20 percent small business tax deduction that allows for entrepreneurs to protect earnings that can be used for expansion, renovation, and hiring. Most small business owners have called this provision a “game changer,” according to a Bank of America survey. Eliminating it would be a major blow for small businesses, their employees, and their communities.


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