Now this is funny. Ohio going Blue in 2020.

I read this and had to read it again.  At first the writer attempted to be objective.  It  lasted  about a paragraph and a half.  If the writer is to be believed, Oho is on the heels of Blue California.  That’s right.  Blue is the new color of choice. How you ask?

Well two judges in non artisan races for the State Supreme Court won.  Oh they were Democrats.  Never mind the ballot isn’t marked Democrat or Republican.  Now the Democrats won five seats.  So now it’s 61 to 38 Republican.   Forget the fact that Republicans control every major office in the state.  Forget the fact that Sherrod Brown won re-election over a no name candidate by a whopping 7%.  Yes the Democrats won 49% of the popular vote.  But what good does that do yourparty when that vote is concentrated in a few counties.

Now here is the reason the writer of this article thinks Republicans win.

“Finally, if Ohio Republicans have succeeded in anything over the past eight years, it has been in making it harder to vote. From curtailing early voting to rejecting valid absentee and provisional ballots for minor issues, the GOP has lodged one attack after another against Ohioans’ voting rights. The coup de grace has been the nation’s most aggressive voter purging policy, which has resulted in more than 2 million registered voters being removed from the rolls since 2010 (as a comparison, DeWine won the governor’s race by 160,000 votes).”

In closing, According to the author, those two million folks removed from the voter registration would have  voted Democrat.  Let me ask this.  If you were removed, why not go and re register?  I would think that would be an easy thing to do. Oh did I tell you the author of this is David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Party chairman.  What say you?


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