Ohio Governor will not stab constituents in the back the way Kasich did.

Last year a heartbeat abortion bill sailed through the Ohio House and Senate.  But outgoing Governor Kasich vetoed it and the the Ohio House did override the veto.  Republicans fell one vote short in the Senate.   But new Governor DeWine said that if it reaches his desk, he will sign.  Here’s what the Governor had to say on Hugh Hewitt’s show.

HH: All right, let me close by the question about the Heartbeat Bill. My friend, John Kasich, for whom I have a great deal of admiration, genuinely disappointed me when he vetoed this bill. He has a good pro-life record. You have a great pro-life record. You are a friend of the unborn. Will you sign such a bill if it is passed again?

MD: Yes, absolutely. I stopped by, my wife, Fran, and I stopped by a Right to Life meeting yesterday in the Statehouse, and absolutely. When Fran and I, when I was in the U.S. Senate, one of the things that we really enjoyed doing is hosting everyone who came out for the March, you know, that was every single year. We had people who rode buses all night, got out there from Ohio, and you know, went through the March, then they would come to our office, and Fran would, you know, make peanut butter, literally peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and stuff to send with them as they headed back on the bus. So no, we will do this. I saw, I just saw the headline, a court struck down another heartbeat bill for another state. But ultimately, Hugh, you and I both know that this thing once it’s passed in Ohio, once we sign it, once it becomes law. Planned Parenthood is going to be in the next day, or that day, filing a lawsuit. But ultimately, this will work its way up to the United States Supreme Court. And they’ll make that decision.


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