Our President grows a pair of brass ones? Just ask Rush.

First it was no deal.  Then the word was that President Trump caved.  Now the latest according to Rush Limbaugh and others was this.  No 5 billion no deal. Shut the government down.    Rush announced on his program that President Trump had informed him that he was willing to veto the bill if there was no funding for the wall.

This from Limbaugh.  “The president got word to me 20 minutes ago that if it comes back to him without money, if whatever happens in the House and Senate comes back to him with no allocation of $5 billion for the wall than he’s going to veto it,” Limbaugh told his listeners on his radio show just moments after Trump met with members of Congress on Thursday.  “Veto this thing and then head down to Mar-a-Lago,” Limbaugh said, referring to Trump’s vacation plans. “I will meet you on the first tee wherever you want to play golf, whenever, and this will end up being resolved in your favor.”  Play golf and have a good time in Florida.  Why not?

Many members have already left Washington and no ones sure how many would return to vote.  Speaker  Ryan,  and House Majority Leader  McCarthy met with the President than spoke with reporters.  Speaker Ryan.  “What we’re going to do is go back to the House and work with our members,” Ryan said. “We want to keep the government open but we also want to see an agreement that protects the border. We have very serious concerns about securing our border.”

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One person who was not happy and was quick to blame the President was Senator Schumer. “With less than two days to go until the appropriations lapse, if we are to avoid a shutdown the House must pass this continuing resolution and President Trump must sign it,” Schumer said from the Senate floor on Thursday.   Speaker elect Pelosi has like Senator Schumer stated that there would be no more money for the wall.


In closing this game of cat and mice will short term affect about 25% of the government.  Around 400,000 workers.  They will report to work, but won’t get paid until this is resolved.  If it happens at all.







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