Our Experience with SoFlo Video Production Studio in Sunrise, Florida


A few partners and I were planning to shoot a classroom scene for an educational video they were working on. As a writer, I get called to write all the scripts for their productions. However, they also wanted me to be present for the duration.

Feeling ecstatic, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be a part of a real video production. We found a local classroom to do the shoot, and we rented the classroom for the entire say. Keep in mind that this was an actual school classroom; nothing special about the setup.

We proceeded with the filming and realized that the lighting was all off. We could have spent an arm and a leg to rent lights, but there was a better alternative. A few friends introduced us to the concept of renting an actual professional studio for the task.

One of our friends told us about a studio they used, located in Sunrise, Florida. The studio is conveniently called SoFlo Video Production Studio. We were literally reaching the deadline, so we wasted no time to contact the studio.

We called the number, conveniently posted on their website, and were greeted with a professional voice on the other end. The professional asked us what kind of production we were shooting. Naturally, we told them we were interested in the classroom setting.

They told us all the details and told us about the lighting. We were sold! We all boarded a plane and headed down to Florida. Upon arrival, we noticed that they have several different types of settings, in separate rooms. Each room was soundproofed to ensure that there wouldn’t be any outside noise in the takes.

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They even had technicians on standby, just in case we needed a professional opinion. That was exactly what we needed. We rented the studio for 8-hours, however, they also had plans for a 4-hour filming as well.

After our successful filming, the experts at the SoFlo studio gave us a tour of the building. They had so many different scenes set up that we could have even filmed a crime drama. They have a “raw studio,” for those wanting to set up their own scenes. Additionally, they have police interrogation scenes, a hospital room scene, a police station scene. What really got my attention was the hotel lobby scene.

They also have a great assortment of props to make your production even more realistic. Their props include vehicles, such as cop cars, uniforms, such as medical scrubs, and any other standard item that you would expect to see in any of the film sets.

We know that we will be making other films in the future, so we made notes of all the different scenes to choose from. The great part is the pricing. We did some shopping around, and the prices that SoFlo studio offers are unbeatable. You get a professional look for only the fraction of the price for most professional studios.

We will definitely be calling on SoFlo Studio again in the near future! Special thanks to the SoFlo studio professional staff for all their great help and professionalism.

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