REPORT: Man Accused of Attempting To Murder Cops Is DACA Recipient

REPORT: Man Accused of Attempting To Murder Cops Is DACA Recipient

The DACA program, spearheaded by President Obama, was a bad idea. Many feel like the U.S. taxpayer has been cheated. Many of these DACA recipients are on food stamps or are in jail. Lately, reports have been coming in of these recipients doing heinous things. The latest, attempting to murder a police officer.

If you listen to the liberal narrative, all illegal immigrants are just innocent victims who want a better life, and you’re a “racist” if you dare question this.

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Ironically, That claim was disproved for the umpteenth time this week. After a horrifying video showing a Hispanic man trying to shoot police officers went viral, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that he is a so-called “Dreamer” who used lax immigration laws to stay in the country.

All of these recipients on the DACA program are the children of the illegal aliens that breached our border illegally. They entered anywhere in between the Clinton era to the Obama era. Now, the U.S. is reaping the foul benefits of Obama’s epic mistake.

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“Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, faces charges of terrorism and attempted capital murder after a shooting spree that saw him open fire on police during two separate confrontations as he tried to escape a routine traffic stop last week,” reported The Washington Times. The Washington Times wrote:

Mr. Cobos-Cenobio had at least two previous arrests, officials said, including one misdemeanor charge in 2015 that brought him to ICE’s attention. But the Obama administration, which was in office at the time, concluded he wasn’t a danger, and declined to pursue deportation.

“ICE did not lodge a detainer against Mr. Cobos-Cenobio in 2015 as he is a DACA recipient and did not meet the threshold for enforcement under the DHS enforcement priorities in place at that time,” the agency told The Washington Times.

ICE said Mr. Cobos-Cenobio also appears to have been arrested on another misdemeanor charge earlier this year, but the federal agency didn’t get notified, so it couldn’t place a detainer to effectuate his deportation.


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As previously stated, the alt-left is fighting to keep the failing DACA program afloat. For some strange reason, they either ignore the evidence, or they are too blind to see the facts. Either way, this program should be reformed or done away with altogether.

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Conservatives are for immigration. However, we are for “legal immigration.” Sneaking over our borders is a misdemeanor for the first offense. Then if they are caught again, it turns into a felony.

These DACA recipients are not beneficial to our country at all. If anything they are a hindrance to our prosperity as a nation.


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