Senator Shumer demands that climate change be addressed when it comes to infrastructure

Well I was wondering how long it would be before Senator Shumer was feeling left out.  So of all things, he picks a fight with climate change and infrastructure.  Don’t the two go together so well?  Yes that’s what he told the Washington Post.  I quote,  “mitigate the risks the U.S. already faces from climate change.”  Now for some reason he thinks that the Democrats controlling the house come January will accomplish this.  Another quote.  “For too long, Congress has failed to act in a meaningful way to combat the threat posed by climate change. Powerful special interests have a stranglehold on many of my Republican colleagues; some GOP legislators even refuse to acknowledge that climate change is happening,” Schumer wrote. “So despite the immense size of the problem, despite wildfires that sweep through the West and hurricanes that grow more powerful over the years, real action on climate change has been stymied by the denialism of the president and too many Republicans in Congress.”

Yes the Democrats will bring up legislation in the House but the Republicans only need less than two dozen defections.  But let’s say legislation does pass the House.  How does Schumer get it on the Senate floor and passed with 60 votes?  I doubt if he will.  Now Schumer is big on investing in battery storage, but doesn’t explain what that has to do with infrastructure.  He also has feel good comments on the electrical grid and our water and wastewater systems.  Now again no details are provided.    No where does he talk of cost.  Now last year both sides talked about spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure.  It looks as if that’s thrown out the window

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In closing Schumer says that this is just the first step and the first bill to address the issue.  So where does the money come from?  You guessed it.  “reversing the worst giveaways in the Trump tax bill, those gifted to multinational corporations and the wealthiest of the wealthiest.”  Schumer doesn’t address the possibility if that’s not enough.  But we all know where the rest would come from if this was ever passed.  TAXES.





Schumer Demands Global Warming Concessions from Trump for Infrastructure Bill

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