She’s alive, She’s alive. RBG is alive.

Come on admit it.  You thought that she was gone.  Hash tag cash me out.  Or something like that.  Sorry I was trying to be cute.  But yes she lives and went out to prove it.  No there was no team of medical professionals following her.  She had no oxygen tank.  And yes she was awake and not in a coma.

This from Kristinn Taylor.  “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared in public Monday night, her first public outing since her lung cancer surgery last December. Ginsburg, 85, attended a concert celebrating herself titled, Notorious RBG in Song, that featured her daughter-in-law, soprano Patrice Michaels.   Attendees said Ginsburg looked, “glam”, “magnificent” and “great”.  She actually was there hugging people.  I guess the death watch  is either cancelled or maybe postponed till the next court session.

The concert took place at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. It was sponsored by the National Constitution Center which aired a live stream of the concert.  It featured her daughter -in-law.  Now we know what it takes to get RBG out in public.  A good old fashion Opera.

Now I’m sure many on the right might not take this as good news.  When her latest bout with cancer was reported and she was not publicly attending the court sessions, all kind of different scenarios were being published. We here ran at least three different pieces.  And how about those on the left?   Here’s how crazy it got.

If Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs a new lung she can just take mine,” one user tweeted  .  Another Twitter user took it a step further.”She can have my lung, kidney, heart, liver, appendix, hips, knee-caps, ears, soul, whatever…whatever the hell she needs she can have it,” the user tweeted.

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In closing, there you have it.  I guess myself and others will need to wait it out and write about other topics of the day.  What say you?





“She Looked Quite Glam”: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes First Public Appearance Since Cancer Surgery: Attends Concert Celebrating Herself


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