So how has Trump done VS Obama the first two years?

Well the final numbers are in and it looks as if President Trump has had a very good two years.  Almost five million new jobs, unemployment below 4%.  Record number of minorities employed.  And they say that there are more jobs than people looking for work.

Now Lowe’s makes this announcement that they’re hiring 65,000 new people.  “We are investing in key leadership positions across our stores to enhance customer service while also creating jobs that will improve the availability of our most popular products,” CEO Marvin Ellison said Friday in a statement. Ellison just joined Lowe’s from J.C. Penney last year, and already has made a number of significant moves including shutting stores and exiting Lowe’s business in Mexico.  Yes leaving Mexico.

This from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, under President Trump more Americans are in the work force than ever before and 2018 was the year of the worker.  President Trump is working hard to bring good paying jobs back to the US and his efforts are showing historic results.

Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate at year end remained at historic lows of less than 4 percent.   Rates for Hispanics have never been lower.

Now I saw this at Gateway Pundit.

Job numbers released yesterday through the end of December show an increase of nearly 5 million jobs since President Trump won the 2016 election and an unemployment rate of less than 4 percent. After the same period under Obama, (4) million jobs were lost and unemployment skyrocketed to 9.3 percent!

The past two years we have seen comparisons with Obama, but the MSM never compares the first two Obama years VS the first two Trump years.  They take the last two of Obama’s or they take something out of the middle.  I read this one comparison where they compared Trump to Obama’s 2014, 2015.

TRENDING NEWS:  So what's next for Obamacare? Federal Judge In Texas rules it unconstitutional.


In closing, this from Jim Hoft at Gateway.

The mainstream liberal media won’t report this, but when looking at the economy and jobs, the billionaire President Trump is providing a tutorial for any former community organizer that might hope to be President some day.

What say you?



TRUMP vs. OBAMA: In First Two Years in Office Trump Adds 9 MILLION More Jobs Than Obama

TRUMP vs. OBAMA: In First Two Years in Office Trump Adds 9 MILLION More Jobs Than Obama

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