So what should Teachers teach? The subject or their own political views?

We hear it day in day out.  Teachers are discussing topics and subjects of a political nature.  But what does their view on President Trump have to do with English, or Biology, or even American History.  What do Trumps  views on the environment have to do with  Accounting or Engineering, or Math?  Why are teachers even bringing up politics when the courses they’re teaching have nothing to do with politics?


Now in Arizona a lawmaker may have had enough.  I found this on the Hill.  What are your thoughts?  Is the lawmaker going too far?

An Arizona state lawmaker recently introduced a bill that would bar teachers from introducing “controversial issues” or engaging in any “political, ideological or religious” advocacy in their classroom.  State Rep. Mark Finchem (R) introduced House Bill 2002 in the Arizona state legislature earlier this month, according to The Arizona Daily Star. The newspaper notes that if the bill were to pass, teachers could potentially lose their jobs for engaging in political or ideological discussions with their students.

The bill would require teachers to undergo annual ethics training and to abide by a strict ethics code. The code would bar teachers from introducing any “controversial issue” unrelated to a class subject. It would also prohibit teachers from publicly supporting or opposing any legislative, judicial or executive action.

Why do teachers feel the need to get their own political views out there?  What would a teacher do if say they asked a question on Quantum Physics  and a student replied that President Trump’s tax breaks were for the middle class as well as the rich and poor.  Would the teacher allow this?  Would the student be allowed to explain his views?

TRENDING NEWS:  Attorney Barnes goes after MSM and Celebrities.

In closing this law may just be what the doctor ordered.  Use the classroom for what you’re being paid to do.  Teach.  What say you?







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