So what will the House Schedule look like in 2019?


We are less than a week away from the new Democrat controlled House.  2019 will set the stage for what happens in 2020.  President Trump in all of his glory will be tweeting and the MSM media will be there attacking instead of reporting.  Let the games begin.


So the schedule was released and they plan to meet 130 days over a  33 week schedule.  19 weeks outside of Washington?  I remember when Democrats complained about the House schedule.  But in 2017 they worked 145 days.  Now 2018 it’s been 122, but the mid term elections caused them to take three to four weeks off.

Now Incoming Majority leader has announced that this would be a family friendly schedule where members can spend more time in the district and with the families.  Here he can tell you.   “As we welcome a large class of new members, many with young families, next year’s schedule is focused on balancing time in Washington with time for Members to conduct work in their districts and spend time with their families,” incoming House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland said in a statement accompanying the calendar’s release.  The House will be in recess, or a “district work period,” for at least a week each month, except for June. That will be partially offset by a late summer break from the Capitol that is scheduled to go from July 29 to Sept. 6.


That’s fine but with so much going on does he actually think that no business after 7?  And the final vote for weekends no later than 3?  Sorry but that’s just plain ridiculous.  I can see it now.  “Attention terrorists we have a schedule and you must please limit your assault on the free world within our schedule”.  Yeah right.

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In closing, this from Politico.  Newly elected members say they’re excited about the legislative calendar and the opportunity to spend so much time back home in their districts with the constituents who just elected them.   I can’t wait.  What say you?








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