So why are some against jobs for Americans? Because President Trump wants jobs for Americans.

You have more and more college kids having to compete for jobs that they should have first shot at.  President Trump plans on evening the playing field, but some aren’t happy.  This from Neil Munro at Breitbart.

President George W. Bush’s presidential center and other business groups are denouncing a pending regulation by President Donald Trump that would open tens of thousands of U.S. jobs to young American graduates.

Trump’s reform will hurt “employers that have benefited … for the last few years,” complained Laura Collins, the director of the economic growth program at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Trump’s pending regulation reportedly would end the policy of giving bonus work permits to wives of foreign workers who have H-1B visas, and would, therefore, shift jobs and salaries from foreign temporary workers to American graduates.

So business leaders are upset that Americans will have first shot at jobs? I almost forgot the corporations pay the foreign workers less than American workers.  But I was surprised to learn this.  Again Neil Munro.

Roughly 100,000 bonus work permits have been issued via the program, which is dubbed the “H4EAD” program.

This bonus program was created by former President Barack Obama — without any approval by Congress — because many H-1B workers from India are leaving the United States. The Indians are leaving because they know they have to work and wait many years to get the real payoff for their low-wage H-1B work — a green card which would allow them and their extended families to move to the United States.

TRENDING NEWS:  What tariffs?

So in closing Obama creates this so foreign workers stay at lower pay?



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