Social Media. Why do Democrats use and like it? It censors Republican/ Conservatives more often.

Can you believe what just recently happened?  Facebook suspended someone.  What Republican or Conservative was it this time you ask?  Neither.  What?  You heard me, neither.  Facebook actually suspended Democrats, plural, five different accounts.  This from FOX.  Facebook suspended five accounts linked to Democratic operatives who engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” in a bid to steer votes away from Alabama Republican Roy Moore during last year’s special Senate election.


The announcement comes following a New York Times report last week that exposed the scheme, in which the users created a Facebook page and imitated conservative Alabamians who weren’t satisfied with the Republican candidate while encouraging others to write in another candidate. Moore, whose campaign ultimately was clouded by allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls while he was in his 30s, ended up losing the race to Democrat Doug Jones.  “We’ve recently removed five accounts run by multiple individuals for engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook around the Alabama special election, and our investigation is ongoing,” Facebook said in a statement. “We take a strong stand against people or organizations that create networks of accounts to mislead others about who they are or what they’re doing.”


They also created thousands of fake Russian accounts to make you think that the Russians supported Moore.  This from Moore.  “I’d like to see the Federal Election Commission and the Justice Department look at this to see if there were any laws being violated and, if there were, prosecute those responsible,” he said. “These authorities need to use this example right now to start setting the course for the future to let people know that this is not acceptable in the United States of America.”

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Now of course this is just one case.  We have seen the left wing media owners apologizing on numerous occasions when Republicans or Conservative writers like myself being singled out.  It’s not just me who see’s the bias.  Recently Axios posted a Pew poll, and here’s just a sampling.

  • Just over half of adults say that major technology companies should be more regulated than they are right now. Despite concerns over censorship, Republicans, who tend to favor fewer rules for business, are less likely to support more regulation than Democrats.  Go deeper: Axios/SurveyMonkey poll that found almost all Republicans and Republican-leaning independents believe news outlets report information they know to be false or purposely misleading sometimes or a lot.

In closing, this is what I find the most revealing.

72% of Americans think social media sites intentionally censor political views.









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