Massachusetts Mayor Declares War On Sam Adams Brewery After founder Thanked Trump For Tax Cuts

Samual Adams

The owner of Sam Adams Brewery, Jim Koch, had the temerity to praise President Donald Trump for his corporate tax cuts.

Democrats expressed a huge concern because this brave American decided to tell the truth!

I don’t recall any Democrats expressing concern for the people of Libya who saw their country turned into a chaotic ‘no man’s land’ thanks to Hillary and Obama. Democrats are posers.

And today they proved that once again!

Joseph Curtatone, the mayor of Somerville, Mass., said Sunday that he will never drink Sam Adams beer again after the co-founder of the Boston brewery thanked President Trump for a corporate tax cut.

“I will never drink Sam Adam’s beer again!” the Democrat said on Twitter.

You can see why this person will never rise beyond the rank of mayor when they think it’s a good strategy to attack one of the biggest employers in town.

He continued with an even worse statement:
We need to hold these complicit profiteers of Trump’s white nationalist agenda accountable !

Joseph A. Curtatone….you are a huge putz. But like all the other backfires around the Trump hating country, I thank you for what will be the highest selling quarter that Sam Adams has ever seen. I’m out to buy a case right now.

Damn, don’t really like beer but now I have to go out and buy some Sam Adams.
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