The mainstream media is known for promoting all kinds of propaganda, but the push on global warming definitely takes the cake. Not only does the fake news media refuse to report on science that undermines the big scary climate change narrative, multiple news outlets have flat-out banned any sort of discussion or dissemination of data that contradicts or questions the global warming hoax.

Even though there is a mountain of evidence which shows that much of the science behind “climate change” has been faked or is fraudulent, mainstream news outlets like The Los Angeles Times and BBC have all but silenced any sort of discussion on the matter. Either you align with their beliefs, or you can kiss your voice goodbye.

Fake news, fake narrative

As Daily Caller reports, multiple media outlets have fought to keep “dissenting” thoughts from entering their airwaves and articles. The Los Angeles Times banned the questioning of global warming from its “letters” section in 2013. Editor Paul Thornton Thornton said he wasn’t banning skeptics, but was really just eliminating “factual inaccuracy.”

Disagreeing with the climate change narrative, he argued, is “not stating an opinion, it’s asserting a factual inaccuracy.”

It’s worth noting that the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology confirmed in 2017 that the NOAA’s climate records had been manipulated to hide the fact that climate change was not, in fact, occurring. Multiple other models of “climate change” have been proven false, as well.

The BBC also reportedly trains their reporters not to give climate skeptics space while on air or in print, and ThinkProgress went so far as to get a professor fired from another publication.

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Now, 60 politicians, environmentalists, scientists and other global warming activists just sent a signed letter to The Guardian demanding that the media further it’s efforts to silence so-called dissenters.

“Not only did the self-described ‘campaigners and thinkers’ refuse to partake in media debates with people they disagree with, they also called on the media to end the ‘false equivalence between an overwhelming scientific consensus and a lobby, heavily funded by vested interests’ when it comes to global warming,” reports Daily Caller.

Apparently, these “campaigners” haven’t heard of Al Gore. Recall that Gore has been a leading voice in the “war” on “climate change,” and then consider how much he stood to gain from climate change. In 2009, it was predicted that Gore would become the world’s first “carbon billionaire.” What about those “vested interests,” again?

Under the Left’s rule, diversity of thought is a crime. And when it comes to climate change, they’re not willing to discuss the matter further — no matter what the science actually says. What the Left says goes, or else. If these people were conservatives, they’d be called tyrants, dictators or perhaps even fascists. But as always, the left-wing insists that its censorship and oppression is for public good and society’s safety. Thoughts are dangerous things for people to have — if you want to control them, at least.

Now that the fraud behind the climate change narrative is being exposed for what it is — fake science — the Left is simply trying to shut down any and all conversation on global warming.

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