Unhinged Maxine Waters Assaults News Reporter, Instantly Regrets It

As you may recall, last week, Maxine Waters held a rally in which she called for “mob violence” against Trump staffers and supporters. This came after Media Secretary Sarah Sanders was booted from The Red Hen, a liberal restaurant in Lexington, VA. Many other Trump staffers were also harassed in their homes, and at movie theaters. After Maxine’s unhinged call for violence, a reporter asked her to explain. That is when Maxine Waters assaults the news reporter in a fit of rage.

Laura Loomer confronted Waters about the speech and Maxine then began to assault Mrs.Loomer with a stack of papers. The confrontation went on for a couple of minutes before Waters entered an elevator and her paid thugs stood in between Loomer and Waters.

The thugs then refused to allow Loomer onto the elevator chanting “this is a members-only elevator, members must vote.” After the confrontation, things really went sour for Mrs. Waters.

According to Big League Politics, Mrs. Loomer has filed assault charges on the violent Congress member. As you could see in the video, Mrs. Waters had a smirk on her face as if she was pleased with the assault she committed against Mrs.Loomer. However, that isn’t all.

Due to her chant for violence at the rally she held last week, both Democrats and Republicans have condemned Mrs. Waters’ call for violence and harassment on Trump staffers. According to Real Clear Politics, Waters tripled down on the statement, defending her stance and blaming the whole thing on President Trump.

Both parties are calling for the immediate resignation of Maxine Waters. We can’t be professional and call for the violence and harassment of opposing parties. The difference of opinion is what makes our country great. If we call for the silence of the opposing party, we become a communist country.

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So Maxine Waters Assaults News Reporter. Should She Resign?

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