USDA Rolls Back Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Regulations, You decide for your Children.

Liberal heads across the country are exploding.  Again.  The USDA is rolling back  Obama strict rules and guidelines on School lunches.  Lawsuits anyone?    Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue  is empowering schools with additional options to serve healthy and appealing meals.”  Imagine local schools in charge of what’s healthy for the children.  Why should Washington tell you what is and is not healthy for your children?  So what exactly is being changed here?

We have seen the stories how nationwide schools are throwing away, yes throwing away food.  Costing you the taxpayer millions.  In one study the amount of fruit thrown away increased 56 percent.  From that study.  The waste each child (or tray) was producing went from a quarter of a cup to more than a 39 percent of a cup each meal. In many cases, the researchers wrote, “children did not even taste the [fruits and vegetables] they chose at lunch.”  Finally from this study.  They found that students discarded roughly 40 percent of fruit on their trays and 60 to 75 percent of vegetables.


In closing here’s what’s being proposed.  The full report will be released on December 12.  This should be interesting.

First, the new rule would allow schools to serve low-fat, flavored milk — previously only fat-free milk could be flavored — and require only half the grains served to be whole. Before, it was required that all be whole. In addition, it will give administrators more time to lower the amount of sodium in its daily food options. Schools won’t ever have to meet the target proposed under Obama, and they won’t have to hit the metric that preceded it until 2025.  Quote from Secretary Perdue.  “If kids are not eating what is being served, they are not benefiting, and food is being wasted … We will continue to listen to schools, and make common-sense changes as needed, to ensure they can meet the needs of their students based on their real-world experience in local communities.”

TRENDING NEWS:  Seriously: Why is the DOJ indicting Julian Assange but not Hillary Clinton?


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