Wanted. Millionaire or Multi- Millionaire. Billionaire Schultz need not apply.

We have been hearing the buzz that Millionaire’s and Multi- Millionaires  know what the average person wants.  Billionaires like President Trump and Howard Schultz are out of touch with the everyday person.  Howard Schultz is a Progressive but not everyone wants a filthy rich Liberal.  The Progressives are happy with a rich candidate.  Look at their early wanna be’s.  Rich but not filthy rich.

Here’s why Schultz doesn’t think of himself as a spoiler.  “I think Republicans are looking for a home. If Republicans have a choice between a far left liberal progressive candidate on the Democratic side or President Trump, President Trump is going to get reelected. If I can get in the race, and I only need 15 percent to be on the debate stage, I will provide the Republicans with a choice that they do not have,” Schultz said.

Former Mayor Bloomberg ( another filthy rich white Jewish guy ) disagrees.  Potential Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg issued a blunt statement, saying after Schultz’s announcement saying, “In 2020, the great likelihood is that an independent would just split the anti-Trump vote and end up re-electing the president. That’s a risk I refused to run in 2016 and we can’t afford to run it now.”  Who’s right?

A word from Academia. “I don’t see white working-class men or women voting for a Jewish billionaire who is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage,” Peter Dreier, a politics professor at Occidental College, said in a FOX Business interview. “He is going to take votes away from Democrats who are socially liberal and economically moderate.”

Now we are hearing that a filthy rich white Jewish guy need not apply ( Bloomberg ? ).  Who cares if he is Liberal.  Who cares if he has Progressive ideas?  He’s white toast.

TRENDING NEWS:  Beaking. Do we have a Deal? Shutdown over temporarily?

In closing, I was going to post some of his Progressive ideas.  But after I read that he was going to appeal to the middle, I knew he was done.  If a Democrat and a billionaire?  You need not apply.  Only the rich need apply.  What say you?





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