The disgustingly dishonest Washington Post has published a hit piece designed to discredit an incredible new report exposing a Democratic plan to steal upcoming elections using massive voter fraud.

As noted by Eric Eggers, the author the new book, “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election,” Post reporter Eli Rosenberg composed “a hit piece posing as a news article” while “clearly doing the bidding of left-wing activists who are concerned by our data-driven research that demonstrates real evidence of the threat of voter fraud.”

Writing at Breitbart News, Eggers said Rosenberg called his organization, the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) at midnight seeking comment, but then the story was published about five hours later. To explain that, Rosenberg wrote, “GAI declined to comment on Tuesday morning, through a spokeswoman.”

How is that journalistic fairness, Eggers wondered.

What’s more, Rosenberg goes on to quote from ‘experts’ who said the 2017 research originally done to form the basis of Egger’s book was “significantly flawed.” One of those supposed experts, political science professor Paul Gronke from Reed College’s “nonpartisan” Early Voting Information Center, called the report “amateurishly done.”

But is he really ‘non-partisan?’ Eggers writes that Gronke works with “The Democracy Fund,” which was founded by Pierre Omidyar, who has ties to Soros and funding for Left-wing activist groups.

Another of the supposed experts was Maine Secretary of State Mathew Dunlap, who served on POTUS Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Last week, Dunlap released documents claiming that no evidence of widespread voter fraud has been found.

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What Rosenstein failed to mention in his article, however, was that Dunlap is a progressive Democrat who has been “accused by other commission members of leaking internal documents to friendly press associates who then favorably reported leaked emails, sometimes within the hour,” Eggers wrote.

About that Soros connection

He added that the Rosenstein hit piece also did not mention that J. Christian Adams, a fellow commission member, former Justice Department civil rights attorney, and president of the conservative Public Interest Legal Foundation, said plainly that Dunlap was “actively sabotaging the commission.” That eventually led to POTUS Trump disbanding it – that, and too many states were not forthcoming with voter information, some because state laws prevented the release.

“Anyone who was close to the matter [knew he was] on a crusade to satisfy the radical progressives who don’t want any discussion about voter fraud,” Adams said, noting that the commission was facing 19 lawsuits and other legal action by Left-wing advocacy groups.

Seems like for all their posturing about voter fraud being a ‘myth,’ Democrats are sure quick to shut down any efforts to find out definitively.

Rosenstein also cites the Brennan Center as an authority on the subject. Eggers wrote that he has an entire chapter on the organization in his book, pointing out that it’s so very Left-wing that its ‘experts’ believe voting laws in 49 states (including uber-blue states California and New York) are too restrictive.

The organization has also received millions of dollars from billionaire Leftist George Soros, via his Open Society Foundations. In 2016, the Brennan Center was given $3 million for “organizational support” by the Soros group. Michael Waldman, the center’s president, once wrote speeches for President Bill Clinton.

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None of this was revealed in Rosenstein’s article.

“My question is this: Couldn’t the Post and Rosenberg find anyone unaffiliated with the man (George Soros) actively undermining American elections to critique our study that exposes the nation’s vulnerabilities?” Egger wrote, adding that the only thing the Post’s refuting “experts” offered were hyperbolic statements, not actual evidence.

By comparison, Eggers offered several examples of actual voter fraud, all of which he says are contained in his book.

Voter fraud is real. If it weren’t, Democrats wouldn’t be so vested in shutting down legitimate investigations into finding out just how pervasive it really is.

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