What changed and why on the Border Wall, Fence, Barrier, Etc.

So have Americans changed their mind on Border Security?  Not at all.  What may have changed was the support for the wall, fence, barrier and who knows what it will be called next week.  Now the polls I’ve seen are in the 40’s percentage range, lowest being 37%.    A few years back, it was much higher.  It went anywhere from 52-65% depending on it being a wall or a fence.  So what happened?  Short answer is Donald Trump was elected President in 2016.

A writer for the Federalist claims four reasons why the support has dropped.

1) Harsh Rhetoric Makes People More Sympathetic to Immigrants

2) People Feel Differently About a ‘Wall’ than a ‘Fence’

3) The Border Wall Has Become a Symbol

4) Democrats Will Oppose What Trump Supports

Now I want to talk about 4.  Democrats will oppose what Trump supports.  Here’s what Emily Ekins wrote and I quote.

“Trump is a polarizing figure, particularly for Democrats. Survey experiments conducted by Reuter/Ipsos found that simply telling Democrats Trump supports a policy turns them against it—even universal health care. For instance, 68 percent of Democrats ordinarily would agree that when it comes to health care “government should take care of everybody and the government should pay for it.” But among another sample of Democrats who were told Trump made that statement, only 47 percent supported government guaranteed health care—a 21-point drop.”

“Republicans given the same treatment moved only by 6 points. A third (33 percent) of Republicans supported government-guaranteed health care when they were not told that Trump once supported it. But among those who were told Trump made that statement, 39 percent supported it.”

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“Thus, even on an issue as central to the Democratic policy agenda as government-guaranteed universal health subsidies, Trump can turn Democrats against it. So certainly he can turn them against a border wall too.”

In closing, there’s no doubt that it’s the Trump wanting this or that has caused this drop.  When the MSM makes it their daily lead to attack what President Trump wants, you will eventually see some disagreement grow.

What say you?






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