What happens when Nate Silver agrees with Me? No Russian Influence in 2016.

Yes we have been hearing about the great Collusion, Interference,  Obstruction of Justice, etc.  No I’m not talking about Hillary and her close ties with the Russians when she was part of the Obama administration.  It’s all about the Russians and their influence in the 2016 Elections.  You know the one.  Where Americans less the illegal immigrants voted for Donald Trump.

Now of all people, Nate Silver is giving his two cents.  Yes the famous Five Thirty Eight Nate Silver.  For once we can take what Nate says to the bank.  Oh yes 5,000 tweets was proof that the Russians interfered.  And what’s that when there are over 500,000 tweets a day.  I repeat 5,000 total vs 500,000 a day.  0.1% what a huge number.  Let me ask.  If you’re a regular on Twitter would you have noticed one of those 5,000?  I say it would be near impossible.

Here Nate can say this much better than I.

The famed statistician continued: “If you wrote out a list of the most important factors in the 2016 election, I’m not sure that Russian social media memes would be among the top 100. The scale was quite small and there’s not much evidence that they were effective.”

Silver then pointed to a Washington Post story that “makes a big deal about a (post-election) Russian social media disinformation campaign on Bob Mueller,” but mocked it for being based on only 5,000 tweets, which is “nothing” in the big scheme of things.

“Platform-wide, there are something like 500,000,000 tweets posted each day,” Silver wrote. “What fraction of overall social media impressions on the 2016 election were generated by Russian troll farms? 0.1%? I’m not sure what the answer is, but suspect it’s low, and it says something that none of the reports that hype up the importance of them address that question.”

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In closing, people forget that Clinton was very unpopular.  She went from Moderate to Liberal, to Progressive.  Running against Sanders she tried to make Bernie look Conservative.  America just didn’t want a third Obama term.









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