Why don’t RINO’S get it? Mitt is the perfect example.

We saw it in 2016 and in 2018 it caused the Republicans the House.  Rinomania.  Yes the disease that Conservatives have been getting more of lately.  I was having such terrible pains watching Jeb Bush and John Kasich turning RINO as they were doing the media’s attacks on Donald Trump.  Bad enough that you have the MSM against you.  But to have your own party doing it also?


Do RINO’S really think that the media respects them?  Look what the NY Times did to John McCain in 2008.  Pretended to be his friend but against Obama they called McCain everything but the N word.  And I’m sure some may have even thought about it.  Now let’s fast forward to 2018-19.

Mitt Romney.  He decides he wants to be the Senator of Utah, replacing Orin Hatch.  Who carry’s him over the finish line?  President Donald Trump.  The same President Trump he attacked in the Los Angeles Times.  So is Romney the new Jeff Flake?  Remember Jeff?  He’s the guy who didn’t run for re-election cause he would have suffered a double digit loss.

Now let’s get back to Mitt.  After the personal attack on the President, he was called out.  Not once but twice by the RNC chair.  His niece.  This from Politico.  In an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” McDaniel argued again that infighting within the GOP was wasted energy that could be better spent opposing congressional Democrats as a new era of divided government begins. But she said Romney understood that her tweet the previous day that knocked her uncle’s scathing editorial was simply part of her job.

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“I love my uncle. My tweet yesterday had nothing to do with family,” she said. “I would have done this to any freshman incoming senator and I would have said, ‘Hey, let’s focus on the real issues here, which are the Democrats that are proposing dangerous policies for our country.’”

In closing, how do Republicans expect to win by playing nice with those who are out to destroy them?  That’s total lunacy to think that you can play nice with those who hate what you stand for.






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