Why the Republicans will retake the House in 2020

We saw a change in the House of Representatives.  Interesting fact.  41 Republicans retired and the Democrats flipped 41 House seats.  Now that may change.  After a weak economy under President Obama, President Trump came through with a 4 million gain in jobs.  Over 600,000 were in Manufacturing.  Lowest unemployment since the ’60s.  So what happened?

The MSM pretended that the first year was Obama’s economy.  Second year?  Has pretty much been ignored.  Also according to Rush Limbaugh, 92% of reporting has been negative.

2018 shows that the Republicans were not prepared.  Below are some of my reasons the House will turn Red once more.

In 2020 the Republicans need to flip 18 seats.  Easy to do since the Democrats flipped 41.

First, let’s look where the Republicans lost.  Orange County California.  Only 31% Democrat and 42% Republican.  So the Republicans flip 8% of the Independents, they gain back seven seats.  The major issue was that the President was not there.  Five of the seven seats lost were by Republicans who ran from President Trump.  That must change in 2020.

20 Republicans lost by less than 5%  15 of those losses were by 3% or less. 18 of the 41 seats lost were Republicans who rejected President Trump.  Also, you had 41 Republicans retire and decide to not run for re-election.  For this election you had the Pennsylvania Supreme court Gerrymander the districts.  A loss of five Republican seats.  The legislature is working to fix that.

Finally, they say that the House now has 50 Moderates.  Most of the flipped seats were done by Moderates.  How many will stay true to the Blue Dog tag?  18 seats will not be a large task to undertake.  If Pelosi runs into in-house fighting with her Progressive wing, look for an interesting 2020

TRENDING NEWS:  Yes Virginia, Tax Cuts are working.

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