Will the Moderate Democrats in the House use their Power?

Not since the days of Bill Clinton have Moderate Democrats had a chance to make a difference.  Sure we heard how Rahm Emanuel got a ton of Moderates elected.  But that was a rouse and they voted lock step with Pelosi and the Liberals.  So will this be a actual rebirth of the Blue Dogs or will it be another fooled you again on the American voter.  Now this brings to 50 the number of Democrat Moderates in the house.  Now were heard about the progressive wins and the media went goo goo gaga over their few wins, but Bernie’s army had zero wins in red states.  The Moderates?  Twenty three.  Matter of fact, 32 out of the 37 moderates won.

If truly moderates, you would think that they’ll work better with the Republicans.  So much common ground there.  Now many said they would try to find common ground with President Trump.  Infrastructure and Border Security are two areas that stick out.  I even dare say that some type of deal can be struck on the illegals that are already here.  Granted this could be a tough sell to many of the Conservative Republicans.  The third area I think would be on trade.  If truly Moderate, I see them voting for the New agreement with Mexico and Canada.

In closing will they learn from the past where the Moderates got wiped out by the close association with Nancy Pelosi?  Or will they truly vote as Moderates and not as wolves in moderate clothing.  Only time will tell.



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