Yes Virginia they are building cars in the United States. And it’s not who you think.

After GM’s announcement that four plants would be closing, there was a panic falsely created that the US manufacturing of cars was over.   It was started by  those Clinton followers who still can’t get over the fact that the American electorate ( those here legally ) voted for this President.

Yes Virginia more companies are building their cars here.  Some are expanding and some will be building new plants.  Just last week Ford was going to invest a $billion dollars and hire an additional 500 workers.   Toyota and Mazda are doing a joint venture in Alabama.  Four thousand new jobs.  Chrysler is bringing back some production from Mexico.  2,500 jobs.  And BMW is adding 1,000 jobs in South Carolina.  So how can anyone say that we are not seeing a resurgence of U S auto manufacturing in the United States?

Auto Manufacturing is growing in this country, it’s just not the old big three.    Foreign motor vehicle manufacturers are now making more cars and trucks in the United States than General Motors, Ford and all other U.S. companies, a first in U.S. history. This from FOX Business.

“Four of the most-recent foreign commitments alone are expected to add 10,000 jobs and hundreds of thousands of units of U.S. production by 2021. Nissan Motor Co. and other foreign makers have said they are considering expanding their U.S. footprint. Several companies, including big players in China and India, have said they could start building cars in America within a half decade”.

In closing, here’s Detroit’s plan to combat the foreign car makers.

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.Meanwhile, Detroit’s car makers — long stung by costly overhead and a capacity glut — will become more reliant on lower-cost countries in coming years as executives seek to avoid being overly exposed to their American workforce. Once nearly entirely dependent on Midwestern plants, GM and Ford are boosting the share of vehicles they import from China, Mexico or even India.

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